Entering the new year...


I'm so happy that we've survived another year. 2014 seems much more promising than 2013. 2013 included a death in the family, coming to terms with my lack of religious beliefs, weight loss & an increase in fitness/healthy living, our boy started school, improvement on my credit (which might not be a big deal for some but it is for me!), finalizing my divorce, improving my relationship with Michael (3 years this year!), a slow improvement of family relationships, discovered I am a multipotentialite (my madness has a name!), a moving announcement, a new title at work, my first car, a crazy/scary storm, my son flying for the first time, etc...

It's only January in 2014 but so far, it's started off in a new direction. Our lease is set to be renewed for the second time. With that comes a rent increase & the cost has crossed the line. They want us to pay WHAT for this crappy apartment when I can get a nice one for the same price? No way. The day we got the notice, we wrote our 60 day notice, found another (really nice) apartment and signed the lease. In 24 hours y'all. So within the month, we will be getting rid of more than half of our belongings and moving into our new home. The place we will call our home until we move in the summer of 2015. 

Pretty soon I'll have a new schedule at work. One that requires me to be there incredibly early in the morning. With that will come a change of schedule for my little family. I will have to be much more organized than usual in order to get the most out of my free time, with my family. That probably means a lot of crockpot meals are in our future. More meal prepping as well. I really do feel better when I am organized & maximizing my time. I don't know why I don't do it more often. Yes, I do. I'm lazy. Tonight, I was thinking about my schedule & while it will be fine, I'd really like to have something more solid. Dip my foot into the administration field. I'm a hard worker and while I spent quite some time last year searching for a new job & coming up empty handed, I put in a few resumes tonight to try again. It's a new year so new things can happen right? I think so. 

I came here with a lot on my mind but I've been distracted by this Disney Piano playlist that I stumbled on via Spotify. So I'll just leave it at this. It's too late tonight to finish up anyway. Goodnight everyone.

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