I miss the internet.


I miss turning off all of the heavy sounds in the house (dishwasher, dryer, etc) & turning on some classical music so that I could concentrate on reading blogs. I use to read an array of blogs. I still do from time to time but nothing like I use to. My use to set time aside to reading blogs in the morning. At least an hour a day was set for "blog time". It was usually in the mornings because it was so peaceful. I miss being excited to re-design my blog. 

At some point, I did a 180 with blogs. I actually kind of blame bloggers for this. Their quest to rise to blogger fame consumed my blog feed. It all started to become junk. I wasn't eager to open my blog reader. I slowly started to delete everyone. The insane amounts of reviews, the multi-blogger giveaways, the wordless Wednesdays, the link-ups :/ I usually don't mind these & I never really minded the posts about bloggers sponsors. I understood the point of sponsorship so I semi-appreciated it for what it was & I appreciated bloggers who set aside certain days of the week to promote them. Then I would know which post not to read. 

I think everyone else started to notice this trend to & became just as exhausted as myself. My original blogger friends don't seem to blog anymore. Originality in the blogging world is dying. Hell, I know people have written similar posts pertaining to this same topic. They even use it to "revive" themselves for a few months until they fall back into the cycle. 

Not to fully put the blame on bloggers for my lack of blog interest lately, I'll take a bit of the blame as well. I've always had a problem with being so public, we all know that. Now I seem as busy ever. I've shifted a lot of my free time into fitness. To be a better me. I even started another blog, which doesn't have one post on it, to document my fitness journey. There are a LOT of fitness & healthy living blogs out there but this is my personal journey. Feel free to add it & get some updates if I ever post ---> Power Up Jenn

I also quit posting because I didn't feel my life was important to post about. I'm just a regular mom and I'm not fully skilled in one area. I'm not a prodigy or extremely smart. I go to work and come home just like the rest of the other working moms out there. But hey, whatever. There are a ton of moms like me. I actually don't know how to end this post at all. I have no words of wisdom to share. No finished thoughts. I'm just done with thinking about this. And to be honest, I can't stand being on the computer for more than 5 minutes anymore.

So I'll just randomly end it right here.

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