You're a virgin, who can't drive.


I beg to differ. I, Jennifer *Bleep*, am officially a licensed driver. I can't wait until the day my son asks for his license and I get to tell him the story of how I was 27 when I got mine. The morning of the test, I made a parallel parking spot in front of my dads house with bamboo sticks & practiced. I practiced so much we had to take a break to eat breakfast because I was starting to doubt myself. I mean, I was parking a Ford Taurus Wagon for goodness sakes. I had to get it right. Hours later, I walked out of the DMV with my license. My son had never been so proud of me. 


ERRRRRRR! *Puts hand up* Stop the bus. I want to make sure you all know that at this point he must have been high with happiness because he clearly was delusional. We do not shop at Walmart :D Nevertheless, I just nodded and agreed. All I could think about was that I can actually start buying clothes I like because now I'll have places to wear them to. Or how my library books won't be late anymore (which I owe a 30 dollar fine or something) because I won't dread making the bike ride up and down the hills to get to downtown. Or how we can finally go to downtown Dallas on dates to the indie theaters or drive to the bus stop to make a trip to check out the new Perot Nature and Science Museum. Or how I can finally drive to the college in the next town if I have to, to take classes when school starts. Or how winter is officially coming and we'll have a warm car to travel in when we need to get to work. Or how I have the potential to get a new job <33

Okay these are obviously just dreams. Our next step is to get a legal vehicle to drive. Crossing my fingers that I make the best decision as soon as possible. After that, this blog may get slightly more interesting because of my easier access to the outside world.

Do you know what this also means? I've marked a 30 before 30 item off my list!! I feel wonderful that I accomplished that goal. It's taken me a few days but it's finally settled in. I am very proud of myself. I called my boyfriend the moment I got it because I wanted him to be the first to know. He sent me the sweetest texts on that day that just meant so much. *sigh* Anywhoo...

I haven't blogged in the past few weeks and according to Instagram, the following has happened:

We somehow survived the midnight premiere of Twilight. We were pretty miserable and tired when we got there but I did it. Ha! I say I because Mike fell asleep mid movie. That's okay. He didn't really miss too much but I DID try to wake him up when the only good scene in the movie popped up. Failed. He's such a hard sleeper. He was obviously already half asleep in that picture but he is such a good sport. 

Let's see, what else. We went out for the first time in awhile. Took a picture together. Oh look! We're still together! I have proof! Look at our kissy picture!

Yes, you should feel bad for the person who had to suffer and take this for us. In the real world, she's my pretend sister wife. Tonight, was obviously not her night with our pretend shared husband. Don't act like you've never had a pretend sister wife. Or pretend lesbian lover. Whatever your little adult heart desires at that moment. 

Hmmm what else do I have for you? Besides Thanksgiving where I prepared my favorites: Green Bean Casserole and Candied Yams. I couldn't stand the sight of seeing anything go to waste so I froze what I could days later. Especially my moms gravy. She makes such a delicious gravy. 

Besides lots of pictures of my baby boy & the horrible haircut I gave him...

I have nothing else for you. I've been so busy at work during this holiday season. I've come to the conclusion lately that I need to make a bigger change which will probably include additional sacrifices but it needs to be done. I haven't had a day to spend with my family together, besides Thanksgiving, in months. It's taken a toll on me and my relationship with both my boys. I don't like it one bit. Family is the core of who I am and if that isn't stable, nothing about me can be. It's that serious. So whatever changes need to be made to have a day with my boys will be made soon. Even if it includes working double shifts one day. Whatever to be with my boys. It already sucks that I generally have to send my baby boy off on weekends because I can't afford childcare. But never having a day with my love or even a night because of our schedules. Bleh. It sucks. Life could be worse but if I could adjust it to be a little better, I will. 

I hope you all are having a great holiday season! Remember the reason for the season, whatever that may be & don't stress too much on buying presents. It's about family after all :)


Yuri said...

Congrats hun!!
So proud of you! Better late then never!

Jenn said...

Thank you MAM!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

Megan said...

I'm SO excited for you, congrats!! Haha, oh my gosh at him being excited to go to WalMart, that's too cute.

Andy & I hardly every go to the movies these days but every single time he ends up falling asleep halfway through it. Too bad they don't give discount prices for that ;P

amber.m said...


Darianne said...

Lmao, your son is so cute, he was so excited.
Congrats dear!

Jenn said...

Thank you sweet lady!

Jenn said...

Thank you Mrs. Mack!

Jenn said...

Thank you Megan! :) <3

The WholeFamDamily said...

I love your header, the colors everything! And I'm so glad you're going to be blogging more, yippee! :)
Um, was I the only one who found the CGI Renesmee WEIRD?? why was she CGI baby, toddler, young girl? SOoooo weird. At least she was real at the very end, psshhh. ;p

Kimberly said...



jenna dillon said...

So inspiring, I'm turning 21 soon and still don't have my license I'm working on it slowly though :)

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