My Record Wall


The other day I went to the thrift store. As I usually do, I head to the back to see if I could find the record player of my dreams. This never happens so I continue to look through the books. They always have records there but I never buy them because I currently don't have a record player. While I am currently waiting to inherit my grandfathers, I have become quite impatient. I remind my boyfriend every time we pass by the record player at Target that it needs to be mine very soon. Anyway, that night, the records made me stop. I have plenty of blank walls to fill and why not fill it with music? Mike loves music, I love music & our wall needs some character. Why not? Thus, behold, the creation of a record wall. Each record was 65 cents each. I tried to get ones I knew but I really also wanted ones with color and spunk. I wasn't sure whether I was going to put these above my bed or in the living room, which probably explains why I got Klymaxx and Body Slam. Ha! The best part of these records is that they consist of disco and 80's pop which describes me perfectly. Although, my favorite record is the Heavy D single (the album with the record player on the front). 

I'm so happy I did this. I was born a naturally creative and unique person and the past few years, as you know, that disappeared. I stuck with this idea and I'm very proud of it. Sticky tack is currently holding them up so I hope they don't fall but I wanted to test their placement. I bought double sided mounting tape but I kind of want to find a better alternative, as I don't want to ruin the sleeves themselves. Anyone have any ideas on that one?


Let's cut the crap.

This blog is nothing special. I'm incredibly indecisive. I change my layout all the time as well as my direction. That honestly reflects exactly who I am as a person. That is me in real life...indecisive. I don't have any special super talents as of now. Any talents that I do have I am finally trying to perfect again. There are two things I'm really good at: giving love and being a Mom. Everything else needs to be worked on. I don't have too much to offer the world as of now, except my opinions. This is not a frou frou blog. My life isn't the most positive out there. I don't offer prints, graphics, freebies or any of that cool shit that other people can offer you. Can I do those things? Yes, of course. Am I good at them? Probably not. At this time in my life, this blog's direction is really starting out at the beginning of my new life. If you're here, you'll be watching me grow. Complain. Delete my blog and start over again. You'll see me evolve and you'll see me retreat. I'm not here to be famous. If, for some odd reason, somebody thinks that I am cool then that happens. If not, oh well. The fact that you are here and interested enough to stay, thanks. There will be other blogs and I am one of millions.

Oh yeah, Halloween.


How did I forget to talk about my favorite holiday with you guys? Hands down October is the best month and Halloween is pretty much the best holiday of the season. For the past few years, through my depression, I didn't give one crap about holidays. I pretended to but really, it was annoying to be so happy. This year, however, I decided all that would change. I was in a better mood & my son was very much in tune with every thing going on around us, including Halloween. I was a bit excited at how aware he was. So I decided to be a dead princess & he turned out to be Darth Vader. We strolled around downtown for their Halloween event & waited for the BF to get off work. Bad news: BF ended up  having to work late which was a real bummer so we strolled around a friends neighborhood until the kids buckets were filled. This is what I looked like by the end of the night:

Just like a normal mom by the end of the night, carrying her shoes, covering up her back from being bit by mosquitoes and carrying her kids costume accessories :) It felt good to get into the Halloween spirit, even if it was just for a few hours. Oh yeah, I cut my hair :) Part of my 27-18 project that I have yet to post about. Soon people! Soon!

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