My Christmas Wish-List


The following are the items I would love to be under my tree this year.
Top to bottom/ Left to Right (because I was too lazy to photoshop cool circles and numbers today)

First row
A 5 in 1 record player: Surely this is self explanatory. I remember listening to my grandpa's record player, which he still has, every time I visited my grandparents house. I've always asked for his record player and he never gives me a straight answer, so I've decided that I just want my own. I had a travel one in 2006 but I ended up giving it away. It was a stupid stupid decision that I regret. 

A gift certificate to Spool 72. It's my favorite online clothing shop (which I have yet to purchase from) and I'm in need of new clothes <3

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: How can I not have my favorite food bloggers cookbook in my house?! 

Second Row
Nintendo NES system: The first time I fell in love with game consoles involved Mario & Duck Hunt. I'm sure you all feel the same. 

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home: I love Ana White. I discovered her blog when I lived in Alaska. If you haven't checked her blog out, PLEASE do. She comes up with plans for awesome things that you can hand build yourself. Spot a table at Pottery Barn that you loved? She probably has the plans for that. Mike and I are planning on building two things from her site (loft bed for my son & farmhouse table for our dining area) and I just want the book to obsess over future building plans :) 

Forever 21 gift card: As stated above, I need clothes & I love Forever21. The end on that one.

Third Row:

Polaroid Z2300: I want an instant camera. I would an old polaroid but they don't make the film anymore and it's a bit expensive. I'm not too fond of the FujiFilm instants (but will not reject one if offered lol) and this one has caught my eye. At first, I wanted a portable printer. The fact that this is a camera & printer all in one? It won my heart.

Piano: I taught myself to play my grandparents piano when I was a kid. I would take my grandparents piano but it belongs to my Aunt really. So I shall, one day, have my own. Not a keyboard. A piano. A girl can dream...

Digital Time-Lapse Camera: Really guys. Who doesn't want a time lapse camera? If you've never thought about getting one, I'm sure you are now. These things are GREAT. I have sooo many ideas for this little guy if it ever gets into my hands!

I promise I've been good,


Lisa [at] Beauty and Her Boys said...

I've never heard of Spool 72, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!! Their clothes are adorable. Glitter Girl Party Shorts, I NEED them.

Alexandra Marie said...

Just found your blog- following <3 alex

Michelle said...

yummy :)

Gabrielle said...

GAWL! I love everything on your wishlist! I am a techy nerd when it comes to electronics, lol. Instead of buying bunches of clothes shoes and makeup and stuff, I would rather invest in nice gadgets. I have drooling over that Polaroid camera since I seen it on Pinterest!!

I have never seen that digital time lapse camera, but it seems awesome!!!!


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