I'll tell you what I'm not


I'm not a damn craft blogger. Why did I even try? If you don't know what I am referring to, check my previous post. I wanted so badly to show off that I did something interesting. Because, I'll be honest, painting got me excited about life. Maybe it's the weather, maybe its finally me blooming where I'm planted. Realistically though, I'm not a craft blogger. I have no desire to be a craft blogger. I'm not even that crafty. I suck at how'to's; I just read about them & follow them. It's not my niche & I know that now. I felt like a complete fraud trying to explain to you guys something you already know about. Just trying to fill up blog space. Sucky how-to's are just as bad as "meet my sponsors" posts. Because let's just be honest, we don't really read them. We scan over to see if there are pretty pictures that catch our eye & if there are, we stop for a second glance. 

I apologize for the half assed writing & unoriginal content in my previous post. I genuinely did want to share my neat chalkboard but I never should've made it into a how to or diy. It's just not me. So let's just cross the "craft blogger" off my list. Unless I've made a new discovery or something worthy of a DIY post, I shall never do it again. 

Although, the best part of the entire post is catching a picture of a 5 year old playing Halo. I mean, how many preschoolers do you know that play Halo? I can barely use that controller to be honest. By time I get to the bad guy, I'm still looking for him & bam, I'm dead. I suck at video games man.


Darianne said...

I suck at how to's as well, and tried it once, and it was terrible. I stick to posting my photography, and rambling about my life.

& your son is adorable playing halo :D

Melissa Barrett-Desimone said...

I sucked at them too Jenn, words in my head often sound better than the words I write down. lol Only I will truly understand myself and other weird friends I meet along the way.

Jenn said...

Completely agree Mel. I think Mike stays with me half the time because I'm a confusing little science experiment that he is always trying to figure out. Like an equation he just can't understand ;) I feel like I'm the only one who understands myself as well <3

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