I wanted to punch him. We were arguing over what we were going to do if we won the Powerball. I immediately wanted to go on vacation and relax and he wanted to leave this "hell hole" (he means Texas) and move to Washington immediately to find a home. 

"Um, if we had 600 million dollars, we would be living in San Francisco. Where we wanted to live." I said.

"Why wouldn't we stay in Seattle?" He asked.

"Because Seattle was just the middle ground we came up with because we can't afford to live in San Francisco in the first place!"

"Blah blah blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah" <--- Whatever we said over the next few minutes. I can't remember for the life of me. 

"And in 5 minutes, that would be how we break up." He grouched.

There is a problem with this scenario though. Powerball had already been announced and we had been arguing over fake money we knew we already didn't win. I just wanted to tell him to F*CK OFF!!!!! but I didn't. I just told him he was being dumb and went on my way. We were so annoyed with each other that we slept in separate rooms.

The next morning, I went to work. Gave them both a kiss on the forehead before I left. Work was bleh. Tuesdays are my favorite work days because I get off early. This was the Tuesday after the Monroe tornadoes so we were expecting a storm. It was time for me to get off so I called Mike to see if we needed anything for dinner. He answered the phone out of breath.

When I asked him if I should get anything to take home, he said, "How can you talk so calm when it's crazy outside."

I walked towards the front door and couldn't see anything but gray. It was raining so hard that you couldn't even see the cars in the parking lot. I heard Mike then say, " OH MY GOD! The roof is coming off!!" I didn't hear anything for a few more seconds. My mind was quite jumbled. What the hell was going on over there? I asked if they were alright and he said they were fine & to JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

All I could piece together in my head was that it was storming really bad outside, there might a tornado coming, my boys were safe in some building & I needed to stay at work because it was too scary to drive.

I walked with a co-worked towards the fitting rooms. The lights went out. Children were screaming and crying but I knew that, even though I was off the clock, I had to go get a flashlight. My heart was racing because it had never been so black in the store before & I was quite scared. I just wanted to go home with my boys. If I was going to die today, I didn't want to be two miles away from them when it happened.

The lights quickly came back on and I walked quickly to the front door to wait for my chance to leave. The rain had softened. By softened I mean that I could use the fastest windshield wiper setting & drive. I ran out the store and headed home. The roads were starting to flood which isn't good for my little car. By the time I got to our major intersection, the lights were out and there were trees all over the road. It was chaos as people were trying to get home.

When I finally got home, Mike told me what had happened. He had walked outside to view the clouds & noticed they looked a bit funny. Then, all of a sudden, it started raining really hard. The apartment started shaking so they went into the bathtub with a blanket. My son looked at Michael and said, "I'm scared." That's when Mike noticed the toilet water swishing and thought LETS GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE! (Did I mention we lived on the top floor of our apartment building?)

He pulled Xavier out of the tub, wrapped him in a blanket and ran outside & down the stairs. It was storming so hard he couldn't see that great but he saw shingles flying off the roof & trees getting blown all over the place. Did I mention that he forgot to lock the door and didn't even put on shoes? He just jetted it out of that place and headed towards the office. The ladies let him and Xavier in and they watched the news and hoped that I would be okay. All while I was frantically trying to get home. I didn't want anything to happen to my boys & I knew they were both scared. I even prepared my mind mentally to literally go in to hulk mode if a tornado picked up my car and slammed it to the ground. Hulk mode guys. Like I was some super human.

JUST STAY ALIVE, I kept telling myself.

I'm so glad I got home in time because it started to rain crazy once again outside. We spent 45 minutes in that office until the rain FINALLY died down. When we got the chance to return home, we snuggled up in silence in our own apartment. All I could do was reflect on how much my family meant to me. How much I truly loved them. How devastated I was for the people of Monroe. Those poor people lost everything. And Mike and I both ended up agreeing how very stupid that argument was over theoretical Powerball money.


Jenn said...

Thanks Tasha! I remember being super nervous for you guys when those Tornadoes touched down in your area last time. Scary scary weather man!

Jenn said...

Omg!! I got so teary eyed reading this post!
There is just so much going on these days it so hard
not to get emotional. Im glad you and your family are ok.
Thats a great guy of yours, Look after your little boy like that.!!

Jenn said...

Aww thank you Yuri! You are super kind!

Jenn said...

Thanks Ashley :)

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