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I was born in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, long ago in the 80's, the eldest of three. Born of Mexican-Hungarian-Straight European decent. My parents divorced when I was young. I took responsibility for my siblings on the daily basis, which explains why I felt so old but was so young. My aunt use to say I was a 40 year old stuck in a 15 year old's body. Old soul. I loved (still love) learning. Had a college reading level by 5th grade. Reading & writing were always my niche. In high school, band, color guard, Model UN & learning dual languages were my focus. I graduated & went to the Army. My best friend died a few days before I came home from basic. I found out when I got off the plane. Stayed in the Army for 6 years & got out for religious reasons. I am ironically now an atheist. I married, had a child, divorced. Lived in Alaska & I fell in love with that area. Started blogging & taking photography a bit more seriously. Moved back to Texas at some point. Should've gone to school but it's never too late for that. Got my license last year & now own my first car :) I'm currently trying to rediscover myself and provide a better life for my family (me, my boyfriend & my wonderful son). Starting over at a later age has been quite hard but a worthwhile journey. I feel so empowered and thankful. BAZINGA!

I really don't like link-up's because I find most of them cheesy and a waste of time & space on my blog. However, I do like Jenni's particular link up so, every day in May, I'll be writing a post & joining up. Want to join?

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Jenn said...

Love this!!

&& the fact that you made a Big Bang Theory reference, awesome!

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