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Y'all, it has been 2 months since my last post. Are you guys even around anymore? Where has the time gone? I've been incredibly active on Instagram compared to blogging. Today I'm just peaking in to tell you guys what is going on in my life. A few things:

1.) My child has started school. Not only was he thrilled to go, we were excited for him. In this household, all three of us have brains like sponges. To see him jump out of bed and rush us to school really makes me happy. I know most people say "I feel old!" but I really don't. I just feel like a mom.

2.) Job search after 4-5 months has gone kaput. I've decided to not focus on it anymore and focus more on enrolling in school. I'll put in a casual application every now and then but I won't give my hopes on it anymore. Just going to do what I have to to survive until we move. 

3.) I've sold my SLR camera. I know! I can't believe I did it. It's just that I've gotten so busy, I don't have time to lug it around anymore. I was growing apart from it also. Partly because I was tired of using my camera and have been craving a new one for quite some time. Now, I don't feel too much pressure for taking pictures anymore. Probably because I haven't been blogging for some time. I might regret it if I start blogging more frequently but for now, I'm okay with it. 

4.) I saved the best for last. In the past month and a half, I have incorporated fitness and healthy living into my life. Exhibit A: my 30 day results of healthy eating, water drinking running + light squats/abs combo:

I lost no weight and actually gained a pound over these past 30 days. But I've had a lot of fat loss. 2 1/2 inches around my waist, GONE! I've hit so many running goals, I just can't stop. Now, it hasn't been easy at all. I've fallen off the tracks a few times and continue to fall of the tracks (I'm currently jumping back on at the moment) but I don't look down on myself because of it. I'm super proud of myself for continuing. I put myself first and have replaced an hour I would've spent sitting on the sofa with an hour of fitness. Sometimes even less if it's HIIT training. Sometimes just 20 minutes of being hardcore is all you need. 

"Remember that failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success."

I'm planning to run a 5k pretty soon and as a cross country/Army alum, I obviously can never tell myself I'm unable to do it. I mean, I even got new running shoes so...I think it's getting pretty serious :) My life has changed so much since starting this journey. I feel so much stronger, physically and especially mentally. I feel empowered. I feel 5x happier and my brain fog has almost disappeared. 

I don't think that I could ever go back to the unhealthy life I was living before. Being skinny fat was not fun nor did it feel fun. I didn't like myself. I almost hated my body and some days, I did. Not now. Sure, sometimes I give it the side eye but I always appreciate it's strength. And there is nothing like achieving that hard goal and ending it with a deep, genuine happy cry. 

Besides running, here are a few videos that I've applied to my workout routine:

100 squat challenge <--I've been recovering from a pull and messed up knees so I haven't done it too much recently. You can be sure that I've been patiently waiting to do it again. I saw RESULTS when doing squats and I am seeing what happens when you don't have it in your routine. 

Abs 10 I put my ALL into Chalene's ab routine. I can definitely feel the burn. A friend gave me a 20 minute Turbo Fire demo and I did it today. I was COVERED in sweat by the end. I'm thinking of purchasing it from my friend Kim, who is a Beachbody coach. She also gave me a sample of their pre-workout powder and it's the ONLY pre-workout that I've found effective. I've sampled a lot and this one not only tastes decent, I ran/walked 8 miles immediately afterward. I don't feel the same without it. Btw, this isn't some review. It's just a personal testimony of items I've tried. I'm not getting paid lol. 

Turbo Fire HIITs I am LOVING THIS. 

Most of these are videos I've streamed from my Xbox via the Youtube app and played on my TV. Besides the TurboFire HIITs sample I got from a friend. A few other things that got me through were Fitspo accounts on Instagram (here are a few), my Nike + running app & the MyFitnessPal app when I was counting calories. I'm not counting anymore, just mainly focusing on making my meals nutrient dense & listening to my body. And last but not least, if I DIDN'T have my running band and headphones, this process would have been a bit harder than what it is now. $13 for both at Big Lots! 

Well, it looks like it's almost time to go pick up my son from school! I hope you all are doing fantastic! I'm doing the best I can. I'm genuinely happy. However, I've recently moved on to the 11th Doctor on Dr. Who and I'm still trying to get over it ;) If you're not a Whovian, you're probably confused. In which case, I am sad for you.

Please, do yourself the favor and jump on the Dr. Who bandwagon (Netflix has it waiting for you). You won't regret it. Make it past the third episode and you'll be hooked.

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