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I think the above gif gives a mighty accurate description on how I'm feeling on my day off. Let me tell you! At my job, we are going through a scheduling nightmare! They've decided to implement a new system and it's turned out to be not so good. I was at work until 1am this morning, on a Sunday. My body is aching but I'm alive! Why am I working in retail during these nasty holidays? Oh damn. That's right. I must remind myself that I'm doing this to pay bills! You ever just want to throw your hands up, walk out and scream, "I'M OUT THIS BITCH!" That's me. Everyday. Well, obviously those are just daydreams. I continue on while secretly thinking that, knowing it will never happen because I'm just not that kind of girl.

Anyway, here I am on my day off doing what I always do. Find the coolest crap on the internet. Spending hours on Pinterest and Youtube. 

+ First thing is first. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves for not exposing me to Messy Nessy Chic. I forgive you now if this will be your first time on the site & you can thank me later when you're done reading. Obsession ACTIVATED

+ I'm not sure if any of you know but I'm a foodie. When my sister lived here, we were going to start our own foodie blog but alas, she had to move off to Hawaii with her family. Oh my goodness! Ding ding ding! Blog idea!!! Combo foodie blog from afar! I'll write that one down in my blogspiration book. Okay, back to what I was saying. Food. I love food. Which is why I fell in love with Seonkyoung Longest on Youtube. I first stumbled upon her trying to find some ramen recipes and she's my favorite Youtuber now. Food wise anyway. I found her on Facebook, liked her and it turns out she's on this show called Restaurant Express! She's made it into the top 3! And now that we are talking about food, I need to go make some ramen. You can check out her Asian at Home series here.


+ I ate too much ramen. This is some bull. I feel like a cow. Anyway, continuing on my list. My main, every day obsession are Tiny Homes. Goodness, don't get me started. If I had my way, my family and I would be living in a home 500sq ft or less. But since I cannot have my way, I shall dream. It all started a few years ago with this documentary, We the Tiny House People. Well, more accurately, it probably started with my interested in living more sustainably but here I am now, obsessing over tiny homes. Anyone, one thing led to another and I spend a good portion of my day off daydreaming or watching videos on small home living. I would prefer an awesome a-frame home or shipping container home but any type would do if I could get the chance. Less cleanup is what I say. I follow a few blogs that feature tiny or unique homes (like this one) and lots of Youtube channels with a tiny/micro home focus but if you have a favorite, PLEASE share! I'm always looking for more to add to my list!

+ Have you seen AndreasChoice's new video? CUTE ways to decorate your old sweaters for the holidays. I'm eager to get paid again so that I can go to the thrift shop & recreate her ideas. 

+ The Friendly Atheist just posted a list of his top atheist books for 2013. I do enjoy the books by the popular atheists but I am so glad to see books not written by them. I'm definitely adding a few to my Christmas wish list. 

I think that's it for today! I've spent too long on this computer so I think it's about time I go and do something around this house. The mountain of laundry in my bedroom cannot clean itself!

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