You want a Bugatti? You better work bitch!


Three weeks ago, my job started firing people. Not just any people but good people. People that did their job and had been there for a long time. All because they wanted to save some money. I knew I wasn't on the list because of my position but I could never look at my job the same way. I opened up my entire schedule to make sure I wouldn't be fired. Ever. Every weekend, I had to live without my son because it was a must that I work on the weekend to earn a living. And when I did have the days off, he was at school. I was miserable there for over two long years. 

When I got news of another firing, I had enough. That night, I submitted my resume to multiple positions. I yearned for a call back this time. Remember last spring/summer when I threw resumes left and right with little to no call backs? Pure mental beating. Imagine my surprise when I received a call the next morning for a phone interview and went in for a work interview in less than 24 hours. I got that job a week later. 

It's crazy how changing jobs has changed my perspective on life. I wouldn't say that I had a shitty perspective a few months ago. Quite honestly, I am puzzled as to how I even stayed so positive when the weight of my job pushed down on my shoulders every single day. Even when I slept. 

Now, I feel like I can breathe. I am still trying to get use to having a set schedule. I don't remember the last time I cooked & the laundry has been piling up but I am happy. I've been trying to wake up every morning at 5. The closest I've come to that is 5:30 & that's pretty good! When we move to the new place, I'm pretty sure I'll be motivated to actually be up at 5 because I'll live on the first floor and not have to worry about neighbors when I exercise. 

You know what else I do? Besides listen to my awesome Spotify playlists all day? They've given me the task to take over their social media. While I am the perfect candidate in that office, I've found taking over social media for someone else's business to be a challenge. Especially a business I really know nothing about. Construction. What do I know about construction? Google has been trying to help me but it turns out, the construction industry has been dragging their feet with social media. I'm not even kidding y'all. It's a toughie. 

I'm still the new kid in the office and it most definitely feels that way. Since I'm in charge of the social media, I spend a lot of time researching on the net as well as doing the receptionist position. I don't want them to think I'm just lolly gagging around online. Even though they honestly told me that I could read when it's slow. Why do I feel guilty then?

The best part is, I can wear whatever I want. Well, to a point. I get an excuse to buy new clothes and actually end up wearing them. Chictopia, Pinterest, and Wendy's Lookbook have been my best buds on this venture. I know I'm a bit too dressy sometimes compared to everyone else but let's take note that people see me all day, every day. There is a HUGE glass wall right in front of my desk. We are the first office by the entrance. I people watch all day long and those people watch me. It's like I'm an animal, in a zoo. 

I've spent way too much money since I got this job. That needs to tone down. Mike and I don't have a day off together. It's weird & I wish it could change but I honestly don't see that all. I guess the roles have switched with my boys. Now I see my son on the weekends but I don't see my man. At least I get to see them both at night & sometimes during lunch. Pallet night has been redirected to Saturday night since Mike doesn't go to work until the afternoon on Sunday. 

A lot of kinks still have to be worked out though. We will eventually get there. This next month is going to be really busy. The Sci-Fi Expo is this weekend, we move next weekend, the weekend after that I have my first 5k & of course, just patiently waiting for my income tax so I can get a new camera & couch! And isn't Mardi Gras the weekend AFTER that? Isn't Valentines day the weekend we move? We don't really do V-Day but I think our gift to each other is a good one.

"Here baby. I love you, have a new house. It has hardwood floors, a brand new gym, new kitchen, a washer/dryer AND it's on the first floor. Exactly what you wanted. Happy Valentines Day."

I miss blogging. My job is very aware that I have personal blog. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. The first thing I want to do when I come home is blog but I am on social media sites all day, when I walk through that door I don't even care. It's hit me once again how much work goes into developing a websites or brand and gee whiz. I don't think I want that for my blog. I'm not even sure if my brain could handle doing it at work & coming home to do it once again. I applaud you full time working ladies who come home & blog. Really. It's exhausting. You ladies deserve a round of applause! I remember when I did my old blog in Alaska and had 500 readers. Engagement alone took up so much time!

I've got to go and do some Zumba before I go to bed. My body is really going to miss walking around all day now that I have a desk job. Hell, it already does. My damn muffin top is back. *__*

Excuse any errors that might be in the paragraphs above. I'm way too lazy to proof-read tonight.

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