Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014


So we don't always stay home. Our irregular schedules never let us have a full day together but we try to get out when we can. Mike put in for vacation time recently and we chose to use that time to attend the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo. I am not a hardcore nerd. I do enjoy nerdy things (Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Adventure Time) but that's as far as it's gone so far. My boys, on the other hand, are gamers. The love Minecraft, Guild Wars, Garry's Mod, World of Warcraft etc. Mutually we share a love for Marvel movies, as well as Doctor Who & Star Wars. Because we made the last minute decision to attend, we didn't have enough time to prep as a family. The only person dressing up would be Xavier and he ended up going as Boba Fett.

This was the last DCC event at the Irving Convention center and with good reason. Dallas Comic Con has exploded! The Irving Convention Center just could not hold this many people. The lines were incredibly disorganized. We waited outside for awhile. We had pre-purchased our tickets (thank goodness) but had to get back in line once we picked them up. I would have hated to have gone with my original decision to get tickets once we got there. 

There were lines for the escalator and the space to get off on each floor was so small! I didn't feel like I could genuinely look around. The main reason we went there was to get an autograph by Karen Gillan, our favorite Doctor Who companion. There were many spectacular guests but Karen was our goal. Boy, did I not plan well for that. Her line was out the wazoo & pretty much for VIP only. So ex nay on that. The little guy DID get to see her from afar and he blushed so hard and wanted to get out of there. So we went back downstairs where everyone went goo-goo for the little Boba Fett in attendance.

We left about an hour after we got there. Mike was upset about that. There was just no room to move around or do anything at all. I didn't pay to people watch. I'm pretty thrilled that Dallas Comic Con is moving to the Dallas Convention Center. That space is incredibly large compared to this and maybe we can make it for some Q&A's! Plus, I promise my boys that this time we will stay much longer than an hour. DCC actually has three events each year: Sci-Fi Expo in Feb, Dallas Comic Con in May and Fan Days in October. May is the huge one and one we are most excited about. DCC somehow ends up getting great guests for the show and I can't wait to give them another chance. It took me three times to find something at a Thai restaurant I liked all for the sake of my man (it's his favorite and my least) so I'm PRETTY sure this next event will go off well for all of us.

 I got a new camera (Nikon D7100) and I'm excited about taking it out that day to snap photos and make some videos for everyone to see. If you live in the Dallas area (or Texas really) go like the Dallas Comic Con Facebook page to keep up to date with their events. Also, check out the smaller (if that's more your style) Dallas Comic and Pop Expo which has been created recently as well! I was suppose to volunteer for them but the little guy got sick so I had to cancel. I only snapped three pictures from the Sci-Fi Expo and all with my phone. So this is all I have! 

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