Half Marathoner in Training - 13.1 Baby


Hellooo Summer!!!! I hope all of your summer has been great so far! IG has taken over as my blog of sorts so there is much to catch up on blog wise.

  • Our recent vacation to Washington State to visit family
  • Little guy playing soccer & loving it!
  • The little guy graduated Kindergarten & is currently spending his summer in Hawaii
  • In order to keep myself busy, I've dedicated my summer to training for a half marathon
  • Trips to Dinosaur Valley State Park and the Creationism Museum
  • Going to Dallas Comic Con

and I think that's it.

Let's talk about the half marathon in this post shall we? I made a public declaration to run these 13.1 miles and I can't take it back. And what was I thinking training in the summer...in Texas? That means it's best to train in the early morning or the evening and evening starts at 8:30. I'm pretty positive about this though. I expect lots of pain, torture & annoyance through the process so bare with me. I had my doctor check my heart too which means things are getting serious around these parts when it comes to running. He even gave me a double high five for taking on this task. Whooo!

So which half marathon did I choose to give all this training to? I originally wanted to do the Michelob Ultra 13.1 here in Dallas but the date didn't sit too well with me. I wanted to get most of my training out of the way before the little guy came home & I wanted to keep it semi-local. So low and behold, the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon is getting my money. I also found out that a few other local bloggers are doing the same run, including Skinny Meg, so that's pretty encouraging.

Plus, I get a super cool medal for my efforts even if I crawl across the finish line. I've also signed up for a 5k this coming weekend as a plan to get a few races in so I don't get first time jitters at the half. I'm sure I will though. I'm nervous just thinking about running so far. I keep hearing that little voice in the back of my head telling myself that I can't do it but I KNOW I can. It's a mental struggle. Plus, I've been watching Diana from Livylove power through her runs. She's been such an honest inspiration from day one. I love being inspired. By people, by books...it's all incredible. If you have someone inspirational you follow & wouldn't mind sharing, let me know below.

So for the next 12 weeks, starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to be in the zone. The last few weeks I've just focused on being healthy and happy. These next few weeks I'm going to focus on eating nutrient dense meals, working on my core (it's important to have a strong core as a runner) & giving my all to my training. It's been almost a year (come July 8) since I started this journey to a better me. My mental state has absolutely turned around for the better & I am incredibly grateful for that.

Wish me luck!

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