1.) A heart/lips couch my son wishes that we owned. Too bad its $400 dollars
  2.) The book I'm reading: The Happiness Project. Anyone read it? I love "self-help" books!
  3.) A bridge near the town lake that I love.
  4.) My son taking a picture, with his camera, of the lake.
  5.) In a Thor helmet, pretending to Mrs. Thor. We love the Avengers over here.
  6.) Showing of his little arms and little muscles.
  7.) The prettiest little dream catcher I spotted at the Pow Wow Championships.
  8.) My love saying good-bye to me at work & making a little heart symbol <3
  9.) The start of a delicious bruschetta with tomato & basil.

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Vix said...

I wish I owned a lip-shaped sofa, too! x

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