My biking calf muscles


So I've been riding my bike to work and back for a little over a month now. Each day gets easier but some days are much harder than others, depending on the wind. The only thing I've gained out of this are the muscle definition in my legs. They aren't too strong either but they are much stronger than what they were. I haven't lost any weight which has been a bummer. I don't know why but I expected to lose something. I haven't changed my eating habits so I don't know why I expected anything to happen. My butt is getting better but it's still flat :/ That;s what I get for being born into a family of pancake buns. How has nothing happened yet?! I ride 4 miles a day for at least 4-5 days a week! And I walk everywhere else. I also discovered that drinking gatorade was just as bad as drinking a soda. Bleh. Straight water again. I actually do see results when I drink straight water but it is SO HARD when you're addicted to sugar. Yes, addicted. I'll admit that sometimes I do just wish I would drive to work. It's so annoying when you just want to be home and you have another 10 minutes to go & the wind is blowing at you full speed. I will eventually get my license and since the winter is coming up, I should probably do that now.

I know this post doesn't have a lot of substance but I really just wanted to show off the progress in my legs that biking to work has done for me :)

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Darianne said...

My but is flat. I am the only one in my family with no booty lol. I was told to do squats, because it tones and add muscle to your butt.

P.s I have an actual button now, if you wanna trade it out. Or keep the one you have (:

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