Road Trip: Washington/Oregon


Things I remember about my Washington trip last year:

  • It was a hot 75 degrees in Alaska when we left, so I decided to wear a colorful dress and bonnet. Little did I know that when we landed in Seattle, it was a chilly 50 degrees and I was full of color while everyone else around was wearing some sort of black or grey. 
  • Traveling with two dogs, two kids and two adults was not fun. Michael met up with us & brought an Eclipse. Umm? So we ended up renting an SUV and stayed in Olympia. 
  • My nephew got sick and either puked or pee'd in Mike's brothers bed. Luckily, Mike's brother has a kid & understood.
  • It didn't seem to rain a lot but it was always dreary. There was sun a few times & when that showed up, the landscape was extra pretty.
  • Washington looked a lot like Alaska.
  • I saw my first sunset in Washington. It was absolutely beautiful. The picture above is one I took while it was going down. It was also taken on my second trip to WA rather than the one on the road trip.

Things I remember about our few hours in Oregon:

  • I loved how Portland looked. I'd actually never seen a city like it. Something about it was very different. If it weren't so grey overhead, I'd move there in a heartbeat.
  • The traffic seemed worse then Dallas.
  • Was our first time traveling on a road UNDER a bridge; it wouldn't be our last on the West Coast.
  • We made a pit stop in Eugene to visit a friend. It was a college town but I kind of enjoyed it. Reminded me a bit of the town I currently live in but...bigger. 
  • It rained, a lot. It was pitch black when driving through the mountains and it was raining. Very scary combination. 
  • We never pumped our own gas. Kind of made me uncomfortable to have to wait for someone to do something I could just do myself THEN have to tip that person. I guess if it creates jobs...

I really thought the North West was beautiful. We didn't spend too much time there but what I did see was very pretty. Now only if there were a bit less rain & dark clouds, it would be heaven on earth. I actually can't wait to go back. The second time I did go to Washington (a few months after this trip), the sun showed its face a few times. When that happened, it was like somebody had increased the saturation in everything. Everything was a bit prettier and brighter than I had originally seen. I can't wait to see it all again.


Nicole said...

mmk you are seriously the cutest thing ever!

Jenn said...

Thank you nice lady with my middle name :)

frikken DUCKIE said...

Cute blog! I've never been to either Washington or Oregon but I'm sure that I'd be freezing my behind off over there if I did.

♥ Duckie.

Tasha said...

Yes, when the sun comes out it's so, so beautiful! I wish our planes weren't all messed up so I could have seen a part of Portland, but it didn't work out that way. I also can't wait to see it all again and I hope to get to go over to the Seattle side of Washington. :)

kandice said...

oh my word, we must be some kind of kindred spirits!

i love oregon. my little fam will one day settle there and we actually eloped there this past may! i couldn't be happier to read this post. it's other-worldly, no? portland (everyone out on the streets) was special. yesyesyes :)

the gas thing was totally weird, though.
and i've never been to washington but would love to visit someday!

Jenn said...

Beware of your future trip to Washington. You might like it more than Oregon!!!

kandice said...

that's a legitimate fear of mine! ha!

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