Say hello to my little friend!


We've got a car!!! Oh my goodness! Can I express to you how excited I am about this? Okay. So much time and money is going to be saved by having this vehicle. Actually, I guess not really money. I mean, I do have to make monthly payments on it. However, let me just tell you how thankful I am for the local dealership that took a chance on me in order to get this vehicle. The local FORD dealership has a credit repair program. While I have little credit history (all of it dating back to when I was 18/19), I could quite possibly get a vehicle there as long as I had money down. Of course, I saved some money from my income taxes to get this baby. At first I didn't qualify but after some twists and turns, this baby is in my name & we have a car! 

  • Gone are the days of wasting 45 minutes walking to work.
  • Gone are the days of wasting 45 minutes walking from work.
  • Gone are the days of asking for rides.
  • Gone are the days of walking to overpriced Brookshire's just to carry my overpriced groceries in my backpack all the way home. 
  • Gone are the days of never going anywhere unless we had a ride. 

Of course now, I have to pay a car payment & expensive insurance. On the positive note, I'm much more driven to make more money. Now, I have access to get another job. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets scared or overwhelmed when writing a resume.

I need to practice my night driving though. I drove out into the country the other night and everything was just so blinding and started to blur together. How do you do it?! 

Anyway, that's my good news! Did I tell you this car (Honda Fit) has outstanding safety ratings & gets outstanding gas mileage? Plus +! I really feel like we made a great decision with this car. I'm really happy about it! Whoo! I can only hope this leads to bigger and better things <3


algon rose said...

Congratulations! Jeez I know the feeling. I finally got a car when I hit 27 and it changed my life forever. Also my credit went from bad to great because of all the on time car payments. The insurance, man dose it suck but girl it’s so work having that ride. Congrats again and be safe on the road. Enjoy your new baby.

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds so reassuring and exciting! Thank you for that! I'm 27 now and I'm hoping this fixes my credit & you make me have hope! Whoo hoo!

Darianne said...

Yay! congrats on the new car!

ℐ. said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you, I know how much it can suck without a vehicle, probably not as much as you considering you had to walk 45 min to and from work but yeah lol.

As far as night driving, I don't do it. I actually rarely drive unless I REALLY have to. I have terrible vision and they even put on my licenses I need corrective lenses. Without my glasses I can't read signs until I'm literally like 3-5ft from them haha it's terrible and I don't like wearing my glasses because they give me a terrible headache making driving a pain in the butt.

But anyhow, I hope you can now go onto bigger and better (and funner) things with your new car! :)

amber.m said...

I am SO SO SO excited for you!!!! Yay!!!!!
Seriously, I'm smiling ear to ear after reading this!!

his little lady said...

Woo! Congrats on the new car girl! It's so shiny :)
xo TJ

Katherines Corner said...

Beep, Beep, and Hello. Congrats on your new wheels. xo

Natalie Hinkley said...

Yay, that is awesome! I have a friend who has a Honda Fit and it has been a great car!

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