My best friend, the newlywed


The other day my best friend, who just got married, asked me to take a few pictures of her and her husband because they were going to use them on their invitations. They eloped & are having a wedding in the near future. I really don't like taking pictures of people in groups because I'm not that good but I obviously told her yes. When we finally decided to do them, the sun had already started to set and it was pretty dark. Not to mention, it was really gloomy & there were clouds everywhere. Nonetheless, I told her I would do what I could with what I had because I know she was eager to have them now. We actually got about 6 good pictures out of those 10 minutes and 1 would have been good enough for us. These pictures look a bit more gritty online than the actual files do on my computer & I was working with a Rebel Xsi & very little sunlight. I even tried to warm the pictures up, like below:

but it just didn't feel right. I plan to take more of them again. I have a few more good shots but I'd rather not post them because it's of her family as a whole & I'm not comfortable showing those online at the moment. Anyway, I'm so happy for my best friend, the newlywed. Her husband is a good man and I know that she's really happy. Cannot wait to be in her wedding in months to come. 

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