Some of my best memories


Two years ago, I moved from Alaska back to Texas. My sister and I took a complete road trip from Seattle to Dallas. It is one of the highlighted moments of my life. Something I'll never forget. I swore I would write a huge blog post describing the trip. I tried and failed. I just didn't want to. I feel like the pictures do the job for me. On this trip, I confirmed to myself that I am a mountain girl. I just adore the mountains. North Texas, I love you but my heart belongs in the mountains :)

Mt. Shasta in California

My sister finding one of many condoms we would find on our drive home.

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate bridge was one of the most beautiful, majestic structures I have ever seen. I will never, ever forget the moment we drove underneath that bridge. The feeling that overcame me was indescribable. Was the exact same feeling I had when seeing mountains & the Northern Lights for the first time. The previous day, we were driving through Sacramento & my sister and I decided to make a detour out of the way to see the city we had always wanted to see. Was THE BEST decision we made on that entire trip.

China Town in Los Angeles

Eating real Ramen at Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo, LA

Somewhere in Arizona. One of my favorite photos from the trip. After we hit Arizona, we visited my sisters in-laws. From there, I really stopped taking pictures with my camera & more with my phone. It was nothing but desert anyway until we got to Wichita Falls, Tx. 

Overall: B E S T T R I P E V E R


Jenn said...

Love the photos. :) I, too, love the mountains and that's what drew me in when we went to Washington. Glad you decided to post some more photos from your trip!

Jenn said...

Washington = <3333 I guess it's a good thing I'm eventually moving there!

Jenn said...

Jealous! :)

Jenn said...

There is something about the mountains that fills the heart with peace and soul. I thought I wanted beach life but no. Its nice to find a place you feel is finally home. Washington you know how much I love that state also.

Jenn said...

That's so cool!! You are very lucky to be able to experience those kinds of things :) I'm terrified to travel to the west coast :X

Jenn said...

Why are you terrified?! The west coast is so beautiful! Afraid you might fall in love?! :D

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