Summertime in Dallas


It's freaking hot. I honestly forgot that the summer had started because I work indoors. I hear Mike always griping about the heat but never pay too much attention. I'm a native Texan so heat doesn't bother me. I grew up near Louisiana & the nasty humidity is what bothers me but not dry, hot heat. I could probably live in the desert even though it would be my last option. It's been in the 90's recently (I'm kind of scared for July) and it's been climbing up. Even though my son says it is "hot like Egypt", we've still been making our rounds outside. We've been venturing out a lot (which you may have seen if you are on my Instagram) & it's been really great! I just started to take my camera out again so imagine my excitement when we drove past a few sunflower fields. Flowers were in FULL effect! On our way back from hiking at Oak Point Park, we pulled off and joined the crowd of people to take a few pictures. 

As someone with Trypophobia, I can barely look at those sunflowers without flenching. But enough about me and my crawling skin. A man noticed we were taking pictures and offered to get one of us together. This is what he got. 

I look weird and tan in all the wrong places but whatever. We have a summer family picture! I'm sure we'll take more but judging from the heat, it might not be with sunflowers again. I mean, look at the flowers on the right. They look like they want to die already! Ha! If you're in the DFW area and want to take pictures before these suckers die, they happen to be in two places off 75 in Allen. I'm still looking for bluebonnet fields. I've heard of a few places and I'm pretty much on a mission to be surrounded by flowers this summer. I've even started making plans for a garden balcony! Anyone have any idea what flowers survive well in the heat? I'd love to know! Hope you guys are having a great summer so far and soaking up some sun! 

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