This weekend in North Texas, we went to a Pow Wow Championship. Now, I've been to a few pow wows in my life and they were wonderful. This one was not as grand as I was use to & I even got a little bored. I was a little lost and confused on how these contestants were judged and what they were judged on. Never the less, my son and I walked around the flea market (Trader's Village where it was held) & had a blast checking out all of the contestants traditional gear. My son did not want to leave without a dreamcatcher, so we traveled around the flea market to find one just for him. After he bought one, he bought another one just for our room so that it would catch our bad dreams as well. How considerate of him :) He also bought a hand drum and all the items we bought were handmade, which I'm very proud of. Will I go to the Pow Wow next year? Probably not. However, I live 45 minutes from Oklahoma. Problem solved. Below are a few pictures from the Pow Wow Ceremonial Dancing Championships that I was able to take:

Oh and did I mention that while I LOVE photoshop actions, I just discovered the power of curves here. WHY didn't anyone tell me about this sooner? You guys need a spanking. If you didn't know about the power of curves, you know now.

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