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Before my son came home, the BF and I went to the park pretty often. It's not too far of a walk from our home & provided a great chance to get out and get some fresh air. It's a guaranteed 2 mile walk (total) just to get there and back, not adding up the walking we do around the park. Now that the weather is cooling down and the tot is home, our trips have become a bit more frequent. My son use to complain about the walk. He wanted a car by the time it was time to head back. Today, however, was different. I think he's finally accustomed to the fact that the BF and I walk/bike a lot of places. In Alaska, he couldn't just walk around the corner to the store & quite frankly, when it is cold, who would want to? He wasn't use to exercising either. Today he asked us why we walked. I plain out told him, "We walk because we want to exercise so we don't get "fat" and because we like to walk." He responded with an "Ohhhhhh!" and I really think he understood that it was a good thing. On our walk, we made it into an adventure. He led the way with a big stick in every which direction. Mike took his bike as I carried our backpack & we hunted for bad guys. But not before we fed the ducks.
He was so eager to feed these ducks & brought along his personal crackers to share with them. That was until they started chasing him for more. Seeing him squeal in delight while running from these harmless things made me laugh. I did notice that some of the ducks seemed sick and alerted the local city's facebook page (who are actually pretty active with commenters) to come and take a look at them. 

After we fed the ducks, we walked around the park to experience our adventure. My son had no stopping point. We actually had to tell him it was time to head home and hour and a half later. Little did he know, we had walked 4 miles total by the time we hit our doorstep. My feet knew of course, all blacked out in my flip flops with dirt. There is nothing more entertaining then seeing your child develop and use their imagination though. Not just that but you get an excuse to act like a child as well. It was an awesome end to my day & he still didn't fall asleep until 1030 tonight. He has so much energy!

Speaking of walking/biking, I'd love some advice. Is 4/5 too old to have a jogging stroller or a bike trailer? There are just going to be some times where we might want to go longer distances or when I'm with my son might be the only time we get to exercise and he might not be able to keep up the pace. What do you guys think? 

Also, what do you think about watermarks? I personally hate them but I'd also hate if my pictures were stolen or put on Pinterest without an original URL attached & I get jipped. I'd love your thoughts and suggestions!!

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